Nutrition Plans

This plan is geared towards individuals who 1) want to lose weight, 2) want to improve their fitness or 3) want to eat better for whatever reason. With this plan, we start with an initial nutrition assessment to see where you are currently at and then you will receive custom nutrition plan and advice. Weekly follow-ups, monthly measurements and pictures, constant phone and email support. The exact topics vary for each individual based on their specific needs and goals. For example, a middle aged male seeking to lose 50 pounds will have different nutritional needs than a 20 year old female endurance athlete seeking to perform better during the next season.

When you sign up, you will receive an email containing links to fill out forms such as new client questionnaire and health questionnaire to help me better customize your plan. When I receive these forms and review them, I will ask any further questions via phone or email. Based on your information, I will create a nutritional strategy to help you in your journey. Depending on the nature of your goals, this could include a weekly meal plan, a personalized nutrition guide, food intake tracking, etc. Each meal plan includes meal timing, macro nutrient breakdown and is custom built to your specific needs. Click here for a 2-day example.